Hi, we’re Ariel and Evy, cofounders of Apex Cool Labs! 

The cofounders of Apex Cool Labs
The Brains & The Brawn of Apex Cool Labs

Like many, we learned about palm cooling on the Huberman Lab Podcast in October 2021. The promise of outrageous gains without doping seemed like an unfair advantage worth grabbing by the horns. 

Outside of Denver, Colorado, Evy tried hacking the protocol with a bucket of water in her garage gym. Unsure of her approach, she tweeted out for help, but all she heard was crickets. 

Meanwhile in Boulder, Ariel tried the same bucket approach and noticed a small effect. With his background in physics, he built a simple palm cooling prototype using copper pipes, plumbing fittings, and a recirculating pump. Though simple, this prototype yielded amazing results. 

He searched the Internet far and wide for others interested in palm cooling and stumbled on Evy’s tweet from four months prior. Less than 40 miles away was another person trying to figure out this fitness hack! 

Evy made the trek to Boulder to test out Ariel’s prototype. She was blown away by how many pushups and pull-ups she could do. Set after set, the fatigue just didn’t set in. 

Ariel sent Evy home with a prototype of her own and she continued working on her pullups. In just 6 weeks, with only one pull-up session per week, she increased her volume by 50%!  

Ariel continued refining the original copper pipe design, but realized it wasn’t practical for taking to the gym. So, he began work on a portable prototype. Knowing Evy would be a willing test subject, he gave her an early version to try out.  Evy was more than stoked on the potential of the portable version, and suggested starting a business!

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Via 100 miles of walking meetings, we realized we’re philosophically aligned and have complementary skills. 

Ariel is a physicist who climbs. Evy is a marketer who lifts. And thus, Apex Cool Labs was founded as our playground for building science-based tools for the athlete in us all.

Our primary motivation is to get palm cooling out into the world. We want as many people as possible to experience this amazing, quirky, and highly-effective protocol. 

Which is why we are currently selling The Narwhals, our portable palm cooling devices, at cost. 

The benefits are shocking. It really is like taking a performance enhancing drug… but without the negative side effects. 

We hope you’ll join us!

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Two fitness nerds handbuilding palm cooling devices in Boulder, Colorado.

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I treat life like a sport and train like an athlete so I can stay in the game as long as possible and hopefully inspire more women to join the fun.